Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016

Paint, rain and fun

Our day started at 9:45 at AG Paintball. Luck was not on our side as it was raining the entire day. Sometimes not a lot but at times it felt like a storm. We luckily didn't notice too much of it because we played in the forest field. Altough a few problems like foggy goggles (throughout the enitre day)and wet paintballs, which jammed the guns, occurred, we still had a blast. Getting hit hurts for about 30 seconds and then it fades away. It will not leave a bruise if you get hit, unless it hits your skin directly. After Paintball we hung out at home and later that day we hit up the Red Arrow Diner in Milford. All in all a very fun day. Well, the rain definitely sucked and drained the fun at paintballing slightly.

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