Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

First impressions

It's been the first school day for us and everyone has taken us in like family. Our host families are caring and extremely understanding. I'll speak for my classmates now too, when I say that we really appreciate them. Now back to school; The teachers are really casual and interested in us, because of the fact that we're from Austria, but also because they care. The schools size isn't even comparable to ours. ConVal is about 5 times larger than our school in Austria. One would think a school day was stressful but in ConVal it's not stressful at all. It's a really comfortable pace.
Today we followed our hosts from class to class and especially German class was a lot of fun. So far I'm really enjoying the activities you can do here. After the classes we had an "Oktoberfest" with the people from German class and it was super fun as well.
After that we went hiking and planned to see the sunset, which we unfortunately didn't get to see because it was a little too cloudy haha But the experience was amazing up there.
You could really smell the freedom...

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